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Back in 2011, I was a high school Art teacher and worked at a group home in Minnesota.

I loved what I was doing, but those aren't high paying jobs so I always seemed to have more bills than money at the end of the month.

When I looked ahead, I saw more of the same and knew something had to change.

Thankfully a friend called and asked, "Would you be open to an option to save some money & make extra cash too?" 

I'm so glad I said YES!

I didn't want want another job, but I knew I wanted to help people and use the tools in my busy schedule to help people and make some extra cash.

I got started and a short time later, I earned an extra $88. 

Here's why this was such a big deal:

#1 - I didn't do the work myself. 

#2 - I had a money making system.

#3 - I had a money making team. 

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Most people also want to:

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* Sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed

* Have better and younger looking skin naturally

* Live in a toxic free home including the products they use on their skin

* Have more energy and support their health to get more out of life

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Income Disclaimer: The information shared on this page, does not guarantee you will make money.  This system and compensation plan continually help people who follow the steps explained on this page to make extra cash, which is paid every Monday.  Your results and income will be based on how consistent you are in applying the steps explained here in this experience.

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